Parish Council meetings are scheduled for the following dates for the 2021-22 year:

5/24/21 STV
6/13/21 STV
7/18/21 STV
8/22/21 STV
9/26/21 STV
10/17/21 STV
11/14/21 STV
12/19/21 STV
1/16/22 STV
2/27/21 AM

STV = at St. Vladimir's (after the weekly parish meal)
CC = Conference Call (generally evenings, but these times can vary - contact Fr. Gregory or Jack for exact details)
AM = Annual Meeting

St. Vladimir's Parish Family members are welcome to attend these meetings or to discuss issues they deem important with Fr. Gregory, Jack, or any Parish Council member. Deviations from this schedule are posted on the St. Vladimir home page in the "Announcements" section.

Those who would like to review Parish Council minutes are asked to contact Fr. Gregory or Jack. Minutes may be reviewed by any St. Vladimir parish member.

2021-22 Parish Council Members

Priest Gregory Joyce, Rector
Starosta: Jack (Alexey) Mitchell (2nd year of 3-year term)
Treasurer: Mikhail Fisenkov
Secretary: Marina Edwards

Parish Council Trustees:

Dimitry Knysh
Michael Marsh
Igor Obertas
Natalia Veniaminova

2021-22 Auditing Committee:

Deacon Vladimir Pyrozhenko
Deacon Colin Bower
Zhanna Skalitzky

Additional information regarding the Parish Council is below.

Normal Parish Bylaws

Organizational Chart - Normal Parish Bylaws

Rights and Duties of Parish Rectors

Instructions to Church Wardens

Sisterhood Statutes

Brotherhood Statutes