A group of St. Vladimirís parishioners, working with our partners, is making a concerted effort to fulfill the words of the Savior found in Matthew 25 regarding our service to those in need.

As a parish we feed people, we clothe people, we provide housing for people, we provide transportation for people, and more! If you would like to participate in these efforts using your time and talent, or if you would like to support these efforts with treasure, please contact Fr. Gregory, Bill Edwards (To the Rescue), Addie Lanterman (Alpha House), Dmitri Mihailov (Food Gatherers), Thaddeus Harmon (Delonis Center) or email: If you prefer to make a donation on-line you can do that here - just note that this is your intention using the drop down menu:


There is MUCH to do as we work closely with our partners on their many projects in the city, and as we work in our local community here in Washtenaw County. Please join us in making the Lordís Matthew 25 challenge a way of life for our parish family!

There are ZERO administrative cost here - every donation goes to those in need. Small, dedicated groups can do a lot - join us and see!

Find more pictures of the work at this link.

Find a reflection on Blogtushka on this topic here.

Please join us - contact Fr. Gregory today!


Alpha House

Delonis Center

Food Gatherers

Holy Trinity Orthodox Church

Time & Talent:

These are TODAY'S partners - we invite all people of good will to join us in fulfilling the Lord's Matthew 25 challenge!