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Saturday Vigil: 6:00 p.m.
Sunday Divine Liturgy: 10:00 a.m.

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Address: 9900 Jackson Rd., Dexter, MI 48130-9426
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Tomorrow's Meal is a Monthly Building Fund Dinner 
23/7/16, 04:00 PM
Posted by Fr. Gregory
Please note that tomorrow's meal after the Divine Liturgy is a monthly building fund dinner. The email that went out on Friday did not have this information correct. Irina's group is leading. Do not miss it!
Liturgy on your Name's Day? 
23/7/16, 06:00 AM
Posted by Fr. Gregory
It is a true blessing to have the opportunity to partake of Holy Communion on one's patron saint's day. Fr. Gregory is willing to consider serving Liturgy on your name's day yes YOURS. If you would be willing to attend the Divine Services on the eve of the feast and on the feast itself, and to partake of Holy Communion on that day please contact him. This is not a guarantee that we can do this but we can certainly try. But please don't tell him a week before. Something like six months before would be better three months before as a minimum. See Fr. Gregory with questions!
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Spring and Summer Brings Missionaries to our Doors - Share the Orthodox Faith  
22/7/16, 06:00 PM
Posted by Fr. Gregory
As the weather improves missionaries from various religions tend to appear at our homes. At St. Vladimir's we have many pamphlets and booklets on the Orthodox Faith that are free for anyone to take. These can be found at the back of the church near the main entrance doors. Please feel free to take information home with you to share with the missionaries that come to visit you. It seems only fair that if they want us to take their information that we offer them information about Orthodox Christianity. Many missionaries have found the Orthodox Church in this way. No one is mandated to do this, but if you would like to you are welcome to. Please feel free to contact Fr. Gregory with questions in this regard.
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Summer Reading Visit the Kiosk or the Library 
22/7/16, 06:00 AM
Posted by Fr. Gregory
Summer is a time when many people go on vacation and often we are seeking something to read while we are on vacation. Why not help yourself spiritually and pick up a book from the Kiosk or check one out from our parish Library? We have wonderful resources for you please take advantage of these for your own spiritual growth!
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Have you Missed a Service or a Lecture? Sound of the Parish! 
21/7/16, 06:00 PM
Posted by Fr. Gregory

You say you haven't made it to EVERY Divine Service and every lecture!? Do not be disturbed! Neither has anyone else to be honest. And that is OK! We do not expect every person to attend every Divine Service or every lecture or every anything. Rather, we try to have many services and activities so that everyone can attend at least some of the services and activities. But those you have missed you can find on our Sound of the Parish blog. This makes wonderful spiritual musical background for your office during the work day too. The link is here:


Please take a moment to sign up for email updates on the right side of the browser window of the blog. That way each time we post a new sound file you will be alerted via email. Those who follow us on Twitter will also receive a notification of each posted file. Please join us on "Sound of the Parish"!
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Emergency Cards Available 
21/7/16, 06:00 AM
Posted by Fr. Gregory
The diocese has provided each of our parishes with Emergency Cards. These cards are to be filled out and put in your wallet so that if it were ever to happen that you were in an accident or otherwise needed spiritual support, but could not speak for yourself, the authorities would find the card in your wallet and call Fr. Gregory to come to you. We hope none of our parishioners ever needs to use one of these cards, but it is a good idea to have one just in case. Please see Fr. Gregory if you haven't gotten a card yet.
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Books of Remembrance/Pomyaniki 
20/7/16, 06:00 PM
Posted by Fr. Gregory
As of August 1, 2016 all subscriptions for Books of Remembrance will be handled by the parish kiosk. Those who have Books of Remembrance/Pomyaniki in the altar are asked to retrieve these by asking Fr. Gregory or Subdeacon John Zroika. Thank you for your attention to this important matter.
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Weekly Educational Offering  
20/7/16, 06:00 AM
Posted by Fr. Gregory
We present here a short educational offering for both children and adults. Parents are asked to review the childrens portion with their children. It is very important for us to attend the Divine Services on Sundays and whenever else we are able, but in addition it is our spiritual responsibility to educate ourselves and our families in the faith. It is our hope that this mid-week offering will be an aid in this regard. Please contact Fr. Gregory with questions or suggestions.

For Adults: the explanation of the Sunday gospel reading from Blessed Theophylact:


For Children an activity based on last Sunday's Gospel reading for various ages:

http://www.antiochian.org/sites/default ... 6-28-b.pdf
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English Liturgies - Invite Your Friends and Loved Ones! 
19/7/16, 06:00 PM
Posted by Fr. Gregory

Our parish practice is to serve one cycle of Divine Services per month (Friday Evening Services and Saturday Divine Liturgy) completely in English. This is a missionary effort designed to allow those who are interested in Orthodox Christianity to more easily access the beauty of the Divine Services the theology in action of the Holy Church. However, ALL ARE WELCOME at these services! Please invite friends and loved ones! Let us work together to no longer allow Orthodox Christianity to be the best kept secret in the spiritual life of North America! Please join us! Evening Services begin at 6:00 p.m. on Friday with Divine Liturgy at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday on the following dates:

Friday, July 22 & Saturday, July 23, 2016
Friday, August 26 & Saturday, August 27, 2016
Friday, September 30 & Saturday, October 1, 2016
Friday, October 28 & Saturday, October 29, 2016
Friday, November 4 & Saturday, November 5, 2016
Friday, December 9 & Saturday, December 10, 2016
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St. Vladimir Day 2016 - Save the Date! 
19/7/16, 06:00 AM
Posted by Fr. Gregory

Please join us for the feast of St. Vladimir this year - our 35th anniversary! Take the day off and participate in the second Pascha of our parish!

BREAKING NEWS! Metropolitan Jonah and Bishop Longin will join us in addition to Archbishop Peter!
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