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Ordination of Subdeacon Dmitri Mihaliov: Daily Services 
26/8/22, 06:00 PM
Posted by Fr. Gregory

Our Subdeacon Dmitri Mihaliov will be ordained a deacon on the feast of the Prophet Micah, this August 27 at St. Vladimirs.

First, we ask your prayers for Subdeacon Dmitri, Katherine, and Simeon - that the Lord will bless them all as Subdeacon Dmitri enters the deaconate to serve our parish family.

Second, we ask you to be attentive to the fact that beginning August 28 we will have daily evening services at 6:00 p.m. and daily Divine Liturgy at 8:00 a.m. through September 5. FIND THE FULL SCHEDULE OF SERVICES HERE.

Please participate in these special Divine Services as your schedule allows, but try to attend at least one of the Divine Services during this time in support of Subdeacon Dmitri and for the good of your salvation.

Congratulations to Subdeacon Dmitri on his upcoming ordination! May the Lord grant him many years of service in His Holy Church!
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Join us this Weekend! 
26/8/22, 06:00 AM
Posted by Fr. Gregory

All are welcome at St. Vladimir's! Please join us this Sunday! More information can be found at this link, and we encourage you to share this with family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers!


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Nursery is for Nursing Parents Please Note 
25/8/22, 06:00 PM
Posted by Fr. Gregory

Parents it is your responsibility to care for your children during the Divine Services. Too often there are children in the Nursery and this makes it difficult for nursing mothers to use the Nursery. It should not be the responsibility of nursing mothers to chase the children out of the Nursery. This sends EXACTLY THE WRONG MESSAGE to young families that they are not welcome at STV. There are two types of children that should be in the nursery: those who are nursing and those who need their diaper changed. It is understood that not every child can stand through the entire service. If a young child needs to step out of the service that is fine of course, but you as a parent must accompany your child in such a situation. Please contact Fr. Gregory with questions.
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Pastoral School Fall Applications due September 1 
25/8/22, 06:00 AM
Posted by Fr. Gregory

The Pastoral School of the Diocese of Chicago & Mid-America is committed to making high quality Orthodox theological education as accessible to all interested students as possible.

Applications for admission for the spring semester are due September 1, 2022. Classes begin September 5, 2022. Applications and further information on the Pastoral School programs can be found at our web site:


Questions should be directed to the Dean of the Pastoral School, Priest Gregory Joyce:

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Microschooling Program Open for Enrollment! 
24/8/22, 06:00 PM
Posted by Fr. Gregory

Our Microschooling Program for the 2022-23 school year is open for enrollment! Learn more now and enroll your children by visiting this link:


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Weekly Educational Offering - Prepare for the Coming Sunday! 
24/8/22, 06:00 AM
Posted by Fr. Gregory

We present here a short educational offering for both children and adults on the upcoming Sunday's principle Gospel reading so that all can better prepare for the Divine Services. Parents are asked to review the childrens portion with their children. It is very important for us to attend the Divine Services on Sundays and whenever else we are able, but in addition it is our spiritual responsibility to educate ourselves and our families in the faith. It is our hope that this mid-week offering will be an aid in this regard. Please contact Fr. Gregory with questions or suggestions.

For Various Ages: from the Antiochian Archdiocese (various age groups)
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No Vigil this Saturday 
23/8/22, 06:00 PM
Posted by Fr. Gregory

Please note that there will be no Vigil this Saturday at STV. We invite all our parish family to attend Vigil at the Dormition Cathedral in Ferndale. Archbishop Peter will preside beginning at 6:00 p.m.:

2101 Livernois Street
Ferndale, MI 48220

On Sunday morning we will have Divine Liturgy as usual at 10:00 a.m., but we hope many of our parish family will participate in the Second Pascha of our sister parish, Dormition Cathedral, address above. Greeting of Bishop Peter is at 9:00 a.m.
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Archbishop Peter Visit Help Needed with Tables and Chairs 
23/8/22, 06:00 AM
Posted by Fr. Gregory

On Saturday after the Divine Liturgy we will have our meal in a tent, as we usually do for big events. But we need to put tables and chairs into the tent on Friday before the evening services (that start at 6 p.m.) and put them back in their places after the meal on Saturday mid-day. If you can help with that please contact our Starosta, Jack Mitchell, at starosta@stvladimiraami.org.
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Archbishop Peter Visit + Deacon Ordination this Saturday: DO NOT MISS! 
22/8/22, 06:00 PM
Posted by Fr. Gregory

God willing, Subdeacon Dmitri Mihaliov will be ordained a deacon on Saturday, August 27 for service at our St. Vladimir parish. Ordination is the sacrament of the Holy Church that we probably least often participate in, but it is important that we all participate in this ordination appropriately. We ask all our parishioners to review the ordination instructions found at the link below and to address questions to Fr. Gregory or Fr. Colin. Please remember - the Divine Liturgy begins at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, August 27.



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Monday First Things - Teachings of the Holy Fathers 
22/8/22, 06:00 AM
Posted by Fr. Gregory

Whoever confesses his sins with simplicity of heart, with feelings of compunction and humility and the desire to correct himself, will receive forgiveness of sins and peace of conscience through the power of the grace of God acting in the Mystery.

Venerable Nikon of Optina
Living without Hypocrisy
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