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Saturday Vigil: 6:00 p.m.
Sunday Divine Liturgy: 10:00 a.m.

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Phone: (734) 475-4590
Address: 9900 Jackson Rd., Dexter, MI 48130-9426
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St. Gregory the Theologian Celebrated Tonight and Tomorrow 
6/2/17, 06:00 AM
Posted by Fr. Gregory

Please join us for the feast of St. Gregory the Theologian tonight at 6:00 p.m. and tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. Please also join us at 6:00 p.m. tonight at Fr. Gregory's new place for his name's day celebration! 3566 Joanna Ct., Saline, MI is the address. All are welcome!

Life of St. Gregory English:


Life of St. Gregory Russian:

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St. Xenia Celebrated Monday, February 6 
4/2/17, 12:00 PM
Posted by Fr. Gregory

Please join us for the feast of St. Xenia of St. Petersburg this Sunday evening at 6:00 p.m. and Monday morning at 8:00 a.m. Congratulations to our St. Xenia Sisterhood and all our Ksenias celebrating on that day! Learn more about St. Xenia at the links below.


http://stxenia.stvladimiraami.org/stati ... ife_in_eng


http://stxenia.stvladimiraami.org/stati ... ife_in_rus
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Next Alpha House Opportunity is February 5 - THIS SUNDAY! 
3/2/17, 12:00 PM
Posted by Fr. Gregory

Please join us - but please sign up! There is adequate time to make breakfast, clean up, and get to St. Vladimir's in time for the 10:00 a.m. Liturgy. If this Sunday is full please sign up for a future Sunday. All Alpha House volunteer opportunities are here:

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Your Feedback Wanted! 
3/2/17, 06:00 AM
Posted by Fr. Gregory

Give us your feedback! We want know what you think and how we can do things better - use this form to share with us (or email to info@stvladimiraami.org or post on our Facebook page anytime):

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St. Vladimir's Open Every Day! 
1/2/17, 06:00 PM
Posted by Fr. Gregory


11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Stop by to pray, light a candle, experience the peace of the parish church, more...

Please invite friends to stop by - all are welcome!

St. Vladimirians: We need folks to volunteer to fill in when our main staff have vacation or are sick.

Please contact Fr. Gregory if you can help or if you can commit to another time to keep the church open. We'd love to add evening hours as well!
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Weekly Educational Offering 
1/2/17, 06:00 AM
Posted by Fr. Gregory

We present here a short educational offering for both children and adults. Parents are asked to review the children’s portion with their children. It is very important for us to attend the Divine Services on Sundays and whenever else we are able, but in addition it is our spiritual responsibility to educate ourselves and our families in the faith. It is our hope that this mid-week offering will be an aid in this regard. Please contact Fr. Gregory with questions or suggestions.

For Adults: an explanation of the Sunday's gospel reading by Blessed Theophylact:


Unfortunately our usual source for children's resources is down. We hope to continue to use that resource in the future...
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Membership Month is January 
31/1/17, 06:00 PM
Posted by Fr. Gregory

As we prepare for our annual meeting on February 19 is it important that those who have not yet paid their 2016 membership dues in fact do this to participate in the meeting. And given our membership dues are not too much ($55/year for a working adult and $27.50 for non working adults) why not just take care of 2017 now too? By joining St. Vladimir's you show your visible support of the parish which nourishes you and your family spiritually. We all hope the parish will be there when we need it (for marriages, funerals, baptisms, etc.). By joining the parish we support it both spiritually and financially. To renew your membership or to become a new member, please contact one of our membership coordinators: Vasiliy Krivtsov (vasiliy.krivtsov@gmail.com or 734-669-8712) or Dmitry Knysh (dmitriknysh@hotmail.com or 734-358-5996) or Konstantin Poplavsky (734-944-4087 or 419-344-2071). We cordially invite you to join our parish family!

Please find our membership form here – you can just fill this out and return to one of the membership coordinators:

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February Schedule Available 
31/1/17, 06:00 AM
Posted by Fr. Gregory

Please find the February schedule of Divine Services and other activities at the link below:

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Pastoral School Spring Semester Registration Deadline is February 1 
30/1/17, 06:00 AM
Posted by Fr. Gregory

Register now! Learn more at the Pastoral School web site:

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Sunday Activities January 2017 and Beyond 
28/1/17, 06:00 AM
Posted by Fr. Gregory

In order to help facilitate long-term planning for our parishioners we will organize some of our parish Sunday afternoon activities based on the Sundays of the month. This allows for folks to plan far ahead, and we strongly urge you to do so to avoid missing those things that you want to participate in! Please contact Fr. Gregory with questions. These activities, as always, will run September through May, with June, July, and August not following this schedule due to vacations.

First Sunday of the Month: Ask the Priest at the Parish Meal

Second Sunday of the Month: ORPR Camper Meeting

Third Sunday of the Month: Adult Group Social Outreach

Fourth Sunday of the Month: Youth Groups

Fifth Sunday of the Month if there is one: Nothing Scheduled
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