November is Membership Month! 
30/11/23, 06:00 PM

As we prepare for our annual meeting on March 10, 2024 is it important that those who have not yet paid their 2023 membership dues in fact do this to participate in the meeting. And given our membership dues are not too much ($55/year for a working adult and $27.50 for non working adults) why not just take care of 2024 now too? By joining St. Vladimir's you show your visible support of the parish which nourishes you and your family spiritually. We all hope the parish will be there when we need it (for marriages, funerals, baptisms, etc.). By joining the parish we support it both spiritually and financially. To renew your membership or to become a new member, please contact our membership coordinator: Dmitry Knysh ( or 734-358-5996) or our parish Secretary: Marina Edwards ( or 734-358-9458). We cordially invite you to join our parish family!


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