Bell Ringing Practice begins June 18! 
30/5/23, 06:00 PM

Dear parents of potential bell-ringers,

Christ is Risen! Everyone is welcome to learn bell-ringing.

Starting June 18th there will be bell-ringing instruction after Divine Liturgy.

In the meantime, whenever you hear the bells, send your children out. Besides learning how to ring, they need to know when to ring. I will briefly explain the place in the service and the reason for bells at that time and then send them back. You are welcome to come out too.

If you can provide them with ear protection, do so. The parish will be investing in some, so if you can't, don't worry.

There are two types of ear protection: over-the-ear (more comfortable but more expensive. If you buy a pair, put your child's name on it) and in-the-ear (cheaper but harder to put in).

John W. Hill

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