Confess Early but not Often for Pascha 
5/4/23, 12:00 PM

Those who confess beginning on Friday, April 7 and any time during Holy Week may partake of Divine Communion during any of the Holy Week & Bright Week Divine Liturgies if they have read their pre-Communion rule. Please plan to come to Confession early in Holy Week so that your Confession will not be rushed due to long lines of others waiting for Confession. ONCE YOU HAVE CONFESSED YOU SHOULD NOT CONFESS AGAIN UNLESS YOU FALL INTO A VERY, VERY, VERY SERIOUS SIN. In other words, if you come for a second confession during this time please have a police report to present to the priest explaining your sin. There are MANY who need to confess this week - literally hundreds. Please be merciful to your priests and only confess one time unless there is an extraordinarily serious need to confess a second time.

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