Monday First Things - Teachings of the Holy Fathers 
13/3/23, 06:00 AM

“Christ does not demand anything from you to give you His holy gifts other than to acknowledge that anything good you happen to have belongs to Him. Sympathize with him who does not have gifts. Don’t judge him because he doesn’t have any, saying that he is a sinner, depraved, evil, a babbler, a thief, a fornicator, a liar. If you acquire this knowledge, you will never be able to judge anyone, even if you see him committing a mortal sin, because you would say right away: “He doesn’t have Your grace, my Christ, and that is why he sins. If You leave me, I shall do worse things. If I am standing, it is because You are supporting me. This brother does as much as he can. He is blind. How do You expect him to see without eyes? He is poor. How can You demand riches from him? Give him riches. Give him eyes to see.””

Monastic Wisdom: The Letters of Elder Joseph the Hesychast

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