Liturgy Canceled 2/7/23 
6/2/23, 10:30 PM


It pains me greatly to have to cancel Liturgy for my own nameís day, but unfortunately I have to do that. I went to the doctor today for ear pain and was confirmed with my first ear infection since childhood. I had hoped that I would feel well enough, having started antibiotics, to serve. But I am still feeling quite ill, and there are people coming from quite a distance tomorrow for Liturgy. I donít want those visitors to drive a long way to come to a locked church. So I need to decide tonight, and unfortunately I have to choose to cancel. :(

I ask your forgiveness and your prayers! We still hope to see all of you at our house on Thursday evening at 6 pm to celebrate my nameís day together as a parish family!

In Christ,

Fr. Gregory

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