Stewardship Education Communication Quarter I 2022 Follow Up 
22/7/22, 06:00 PM

Last Sunday we had a very quick meeting about this. No one had any questions. And no one asked any questions at the Google Form. That is OK! But we can’t over-stress how important it is that we all – each of our parish family – establish a recurring donation to support St. Vladimir’s. Since the inflation rates started to skyrocket our recurring donations have gone down. That is understandable – the media is telling us all to be very afraid. But let us not give way to fear! The Lord does not forget those that support His Church. And those blessings come not just in the next life. Please also remember that as folks have trouble paying their bills there is MORE demand on our parish resources as we try to help those who are in need. The Parish Council met last Sunday and resolved to ask each and every one of our parish family members to establish a recurring donation – at whatever level possible.

How to establish a recurring donation? Visit our Donate Page below – choose any of the vendors we partner with to allow you to do this. And if it is not clear, please ask a Parish Council member. Any of us can get you help.

Finally – the peace that comes from prayerfully considering and then establishing a recurring donation is GREAT. Do not deprive yourself of that peace!
DONATE (How to Support STV)


*Fr. Moses’ video “On Stewardship & Maturity” – at the very top of this page – is very worth watching. It might be the best 8 minutes of your day. Perhaps even 8 of the most important minutes of your life...

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