Two Chalices – What to do? 
11/2/20, 12:00 PM

Thank God, we have the opportunity almost every Sunday to commune from two chalices. But we don’t really commune from two chalices – we commune from only one. And the EXACT SAME COMMUNION is in every chalice. Both of our chalices, and every chalice in the entire Orthodox Church. Since the Communion is the same we should go to the chalice that is most convenient for all of our brothers and sisters. In other words, we should go to the chalice that has the fewest people in line. At the beginning of Communion it is hard to tell which is the shorter line, but usually after a little time the line in the middle is longer. Some of those who are in that line should, with proper decorum, move to the other line. Or if the line on the side is longer, some folks should move to the middle. It doesn’t matter which priest is communing the people at which place – the Communion is exactly the same. Please be kind and gracious to our fellow believers and go to the shortest line, to the greatest extent possible. If you have questions please see Fr. Gregory or Fr. Moses.

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