Palm Sunday Special Instructions Please Help! 
31/3/18, 06:00 AM

This Sunday we celebrate the triumphant Entry of the Lord into Jerusalem, known more popularly as Palm Sunday. The Liturgy for this feast is traditionally one of our largest of the year. We need your help to make things go as smoothly as possible!

1. We will commune from two chalices at least. If we have three priests we will have three chalices. Please help by stepping into the Communion line that has the fewest people in it. The exact same Communion is in each chalice no matter which priest is communing you.

2. Please move to the front of the parish church. Yes you. Everyone that reads this. And please tell all your friends that dont read this or deny reading this. :) Leave the back of the church for guests. They will be more comfortable there and we will thereby utilize our very limited space to the greatest extent possible.

3. Please do not park in the guest parking spots. Yes you. Those spots are for guests. A guest a new person who is visiting for their first or second or third time. If you are reading this you are probably not a guest. We have let this go for some months. But it is time to get serious about this. OR feel free to park in the guest spots if you want to help us build the new church faster by making a very large gift to the building fund. That would be OK too but please talk to Fr. Gregory about that ahead of time so we dont have to try to fine you after the fact. :) Please spread the word about this we need to be mature about this and be willing to walk a few more steps to church so a real guest has a nice place to park and is welcomed from the first possible moment they visit our parish.

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