Ball & Yolka Thank You! 
16/1/18, 06:00 PM

Thank you to all who made our Nativity Ball and our Yolka so wonderful this last weekend! The ball raised close to $2,000 for the Davydovo Camp for Special Needs Children (we can present this to Fr. Vladimir Klimzo in person he will visit us later this month!) and it was a ton of fun! And the Yolka was simply amazing the kids had such a good time (and the adults did too if we are all honest about this), and Father Frost and Snegurichka made their annual appearance including gifts for all the children! Thank you to all who made all this possible! This is a lot of work a LOT of work. And I think many of us who do not have the opportunity to participate in planning such events dont really understand the hours and hours of preparation that go into these things. BUT DO NOT DESPAIR we have a great opportunity for you! We are looking for helpers for next years Nativity Ball and now is your chance to volunteer! Please email if you are interested or to learn more. Email today. Right now. This instant. Do not wait!

Thank you again to all who work so hard to support our Divine Services, extracurricular activities, and everything we do at St. Vladimirs!

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