Glorification of St. Mardarije is July 14-16, 2017 
4/7/17, 06:00 PM

The glorification of St. Mardarije, the first Serbian bishop of America, will take place on July 14-16, 2017 in Libertyville, IL (just north of Chicago). In researching the life of this remarkable saint we realized something truly awesome: St. Mardarije reposed in Ann Arbor! Yes - in our home town! What a huge blessing for us that our humble region was sanctified by such a righteous one's translation into the Heavenly Kingdom! Much more about this certainly to come - this fact is sure to have a huge impact on our parish family, but let's not let the glorification go by without a strong representation from our parish! Just a 5-hour drive from St. Vladimir's to Libertyville! We are planning a pilgrimage group - please contact me if you would like to participate! Fr. Gregory

A short life of St. Mardarije can be found here:

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