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Prophet Jeremiah Celebrated Today 
14/5/15, 06:00 AM
Posted by Fr. Gregory
One of the most important of the Prophets, the Prophet of God Jeremiah, is commemorated by the Holy Church today. What makes him so important you ask? You'll have to read the articles below to find out! :)


http://oca.org/saints/lives/2015/05/01/ ... t-jeremiah


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The Conversion to Orthodoxy of a Leader of the Jehovah's Witnesses 
13/5/15, 06:00 PM
Posted by Fr. Gregory
This is not a short article, but it is an important article and worth reading through. First, because it describes how someone from group like the Jehovah's Witnesses - even a respected leader of such a group with all family members as part of the group - can break free and find the truth of Orthodox Christianity. But perhaps even more important for us - we see in this article the sort of Orthodox community that rejected this sincere seeker, and the kind of Orthodox community that accepted him. May God grant that at St. Vladimir's we always be like the parish family that accepted him and never like the one that rejected him!

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Adult Discussion Group Meeting is MOVED to May 22 
11/5/15, 06:00 PM
Posted by Fr. Gregory
The May Adult Discussion Group meeting has been moved from May 15 to May 22. Please forgive, but May 15 is simply impossible. Join us on May 22! More information here:

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Apostles of the Seventy Jason & Sosipater Celebrated Today 
11/5/15, 06:00 AM
Posted by Fr. Gregory
We have heard that there are 70 Apostles in addition to the 12 Ц but we don't know much about them. Not that this knowledge is unavailable or secret Ц we just don't take the time to learn about their lives. Today we begin to correct that oversight! Today is the commemoration of Sts. Jason and Sosipater, Apostles of the 70. Please read about them at the links below.


http://oca.org/saints/lives/2015/04/28/ ... e-with-him


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St. Mark the Evangelist Celebrated Today 
8/5/15, 06:00 AM
Posted by Fr. Gregory
Today the Holy Church celebrates the feast of the Holy Apostle and Evangelist Mark. As with any of the four Evangelists Ц writers of the Holy Gospels, this is a significant day in the life of the Holy Church. Below we include the life of St. Mark for the edification of our readers. We wish all celebrating their name's days on this day many years!


http://oca.org/saints/lives/2015/04/25/ ... elist-mark


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Special Parish Meeting Set for June 14  
7/5/15, 06:00 AM
Posted by Fr. Gregory
We have a bit of business left to complete from our 2014 Annual Meeting (held on February 15, 2015) and thus we will have a special parish meeting on Sunday, June 14. Information in this regard will be sent out to all on our mailing list via email and via post (this is required by the Normal Parish Bylaws). At this meeting we will complete the election of the 2015 Parish Council, choose delegates to the 2015 Diocesan Assembly, hear the Brotherhood Report and the Church School Report (which were tabled at the Annual Meeting), get an updated on our building plans, get an update on our festival plans, and hear a proposal regarding membership criteria for our parish. Since this is a continuation of the 2014 annual meeting you must be a 2014 member of the parish to participate in this meeting. Please plan to join us on June 14!
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Memory Eternal Sally DeRoo! 
6/5/15, 06:00 PM
Posted by Fr. Gregory
During the night of May 2-3 our Sister in Christ Sally (Anna) DeRoo fell asleep in The Lord. She lay down to sleep on May and gave up her soul during the night. Please remember Sally (her baptismal name is Anna) in your prayers during these 40 days! The 40th day is June 11, 2015. Since Sally has chosen to be cremated there will be no memorial services until after that date. More information on those services will be forthcoming. I know I can say for our entire parish family that Sally will be truly missed by us all. She was a wonderful, hard working, and very faithful servant of our Lord.

May the memory of our Sister Anna be truly eternal!
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St. George and Mid-Pentecost is Tomorrow 
5/5/15, 06:00 PM
Posted by Fr. Gregory
Tomorrow the Holy Church marks the feast of Mid-Pentecost (half way between Pascha and Pentecost) as well as the feast of the Great Martyr St. George. May 6 is Fr. Gregory's ordination anniversary as a priest, and he asks the prayers of our parish family on this day for him. Since Fr. Gregory is in Russia on this day we will not have Divine Liturgy in the morning, but rather a Reader's Service at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday. Please join us as your personal schedule allows!

More on the feast of St. George below. Many years to our Georges and Alexandras on their name's days tomorrow!




http://oca.org/saints/lives/2015/04/23/ ... ker-george
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A Pascha of Incorruption 
4/5/15, 06:00 PM
Posted by Fr. Gregory
This article is by one of the great theologians of the twentieth century: Hieromartyr Hilarion (Troitsky). It is hard to overstate his importance and we think, having read this relatively short but very rich article, you will agree.

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Repent During Pentecost? Why? 
4/5/15, 06:00 AM
Posted by Fr. Gregory
Below we present an important article by St. John of Kronstadt on the necessity to celebrate the feasts of the Holy Church in a pious way. Mostly we do this - but not always and not everyone. This is a call for us to struggle, to do better, and to repent if we have fallen. We highly recommend this article not in the abstract, but as a lesson for us to learn so that next time, if we haven't this time, we celebrate the Feast of Feasts and all the feasts as befits Christians.

http://www.pravmir.com/what-has-the-fea ... our-souls/
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