St. Vladimirís Plan for Exiting the Quarantine 
18/5/20, 06:00 PM

Please find our St. Vladimir's plan for exiting (and entering back into Ė if we have to do that at some future time) the quarantine at the link below. The Parish Council approved this plan unanimously after a robust collaborative process. It is important that each St. Vladimirian read and understand the plan before returning to church. We are VERY MUCH looking forward to gathering our parish family for worship again when we get to Step 4, but until the pandemic is well and truly passed we will be worshiping slightly differently than we did before the quarantine, and it is best if people understand how this will work BEFORE returning to church. It is understood that this plan will be inconvenient for everyone on some level. This is not a philosophical or political statement. Rather, this plan is based on Godís admonition: ďThou shalt not kill.Ē (Exodus 20:13) We are confident that all St. Vladimirians, no matter oneís personal thoughts about the quarantine, the virus, mitigation efforts, or anything else, can unite around Godís guidance to us in this regard and will therefore diligently follow this plan.

Please contact Fr. Gregory, or any of the Parish Council members, with questions or concerns.


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