Invite a Friend for Pascha! 
1/4/18, 04:00 PM

There is no day like Pascha: it is the feast of feast and the day of days. It is the most important feast and the most important day of the year. What a great day to invite a friend to join us at St. Vladimir's! Please take a moment now and invite a friend Ц or two Ц or five Ц or more to the Paschal service. Pascha is April 8 so do not wait! Join us beginning at 11:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 7 and stay with us right through our Paschal meal early Sunday morning after all the beautiful Divine Services. Do not hide the Pearl of Great Price Ц invite a friend to join us this year for the Lord's Glorious Resurrection at St. Vladimir's!

Full Schedule of Holy Week and Bright Week Services:

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